Loteria Games

I have three games based on the Mexican Loteria Bingo game. El Paso Loteria contains my paintings of the El Paso area.  Loteria Dia de los Muertos includes my paintings with a Dia de los Muertos theme. Guadalupe & Angels Loteria features religious images of Guadalupes & angels.

Each game contains eight large 11” x 14” game boards suitable for framing and a deck of 50 playing cards with 50 different paintings of mine.

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The games are available for wholesale purchase for shops.  Contact me.

Loteria El Paso

Loteria El Paso incorporates 50 different paintings from the El Paso area. Many historical landmarks are featured, such as the Downtown architecture, the unique Bhutanese buildings at UTEP, the simplicity of the Missions, the iconic Sunset Grocery, the beloved Star on the Mountain, and many more. Landscapes include the rugged the Franklin mountains, the Rio Grande, Cristo Rey mountain & statue, colorful poppies, chiles and cactus flowers.

These games are great for learning about El Paso. Many have found their way into the city’s classrooms. They are fun for family get togethers, as all ages can play the game. Many are send out of town to former El Pasoans.

Loteria Dia de Los Muertos

Loteria Dia de los Muertos game encompasses 50 different paintings of skeletons and skulls. These skeletons are colorful and happy, not scary or sad. Images include dancing skeletons at fiestas, individual brightly painted skulls, many portraits of Frida Kahlo, classic views from the traditional game like La Sirena and La Catrina, and paintings based on Old Masters, like Mexican Gothic and Mexican Mona Lisa.

These colorful games are fun for family get togethers, as all ages can play the game, because no reading is neccesary. Great for fans of Dia de los Muertos and Mexican culture.

Guadalupe and Angels Loteria

The most recent game features images of Guadalupe and Angels. There are many different portraits of La Virgen de Guadalupe from the more traditional views to some with a more modern touch. There are antique looking madonnas with baroque crowns to a folk art Guadalupe with a colorful mandala as a crown. Angel paintings include traditional angels in a stained glass setting to those painted in a Mexican folk art style, with scenes painted on their skirts.

As no reading is required, all ages can play the game, making them perfect for families. Churches can use them in Sunday School or parochial school classes.

assorted prints and cards (1)

Prints and Cards

Much of my work is available as digital prints in several sizes: Matted prints are 8” x 10” (outside mat size), 11” x 14”, and 16” x 20”. My work is also for sale on blank note cards.  The cards are 5” x 7” with an envelope and clear plastic bag. Sets of 10 smaller cards are also available.

To see the many shops and locations where these prints and cards are sold, go to: Shop Here.

These prints and cards are also available at wholesale prices for large quantities.  They are useful for galleries, gift shops, frame shops, interior designers, and promotional gifts.  Contact me for more information.

El Paso Saddleblanket Products

Some of my Dia de los Muertos and religious items are available as purses, totes, place mats and coin purses. They are sold at my shows, the Marketplace & the Magoffin Home.  Several purses are available in my Etsy Shop.

These are my original designs that are produced by the El Paso Saddleblanket  Company.