Charlie Mayer Photography

Charlie Mayer has photographed subjects and events throughout Asia, Europe and the Americas, documenting his travels and particular interests in the daily lives of people from all ages and backgrounds.  He especially focuses on those activities that shape our existence and the ordinary acts that reflect the past, present and future of every human being. He works both in color and black and white, avoiding posed actions and formal activities.


Charlie was educated at the University of Minnesota and is associated with the making of confectionery products in the US, Canada and Mexico. He is retired after operating a factory in Juarez, Chihuahua, and lives in El Paso, Texas, with his wife Candy, a full time artist who often paints and sketches from the same subject material as Charlie.


“Both Candy and I see the world with a vision forged from different experiences, yet we both value the humble and ordinary as the foundation of humanity and try to make the moods and colors in our work special to every subject and viewer.”

Charlie’s work has been shown at the Sierra International Art Exhibition, The El Paso International Museum of Art,  The Chamizal National Memorial,  the El Paso Art Association’s annual shows, the National Gallery of the Interior,  The Rose & Crown Gallery, The Sasahara Gallery, and the Digital Photography Center. He has received several awards for his efforts in both black & white and color and continues his work in digital technology.

Please click on any image to enlarge.

Please click on any image to enlarge.

For purchase, all photos are double matted to fit a standard 16” x 20” frame.  Please contact Candy for more information or to acquire a photo.